We Are Looking FC And this is proper football.

Close your eyes for a minute. Picture the scene.

The San Siro. The curva nord. Inter fans in their blue-black shirts, singing loud as thunder. Overwhelming unity as the team takes to the hallowed turf and salutes you, the home fans. Passion oozing from every pore. Blue smoke from flares and firecrackers. A Champions League game, perhaps a Milan derby. You’re there. Living it, breathing it, it’s unreal, and then Inter score… and it’s like an earthquake has struck.

And that’s just the match.

Open your eyes now. Stop dreaming. On a Looking FC trip, you get to experience the match as alive as that picture in your head.

More than that, you get to experience the stories behind the game, the history of the club on a journey through the city and the history of the city on a journey through the club. From football masterclasses to fan-chant workshops, from team-themed urban walking tours to joining local futsal games, from street food specialities to drinks and music at club-linked venues, and from stadium tours to witnessing exactly how the clubs give back in the community, a Looking FC experience is a journey to the heart and soul of football.

Just as Eric likes it. Looking For Cantona perhaps. Looking for the essence of the beautiful game.

On arrival, Looking FC immerses you in the authentic fan experience bringing you closer to the beautiful game, closer to the fans, the team, and the city, all building up to the game. Stadium tours, footballing masterclasses, real people who are real fans. From Liverpool and its dock workers to Barcelona and its Catalonian independence revolutionaries, a Looking FC trip shows you just how deeply linked football teams and their cities are, and gives you a matchday experience like no other.

Now close your eyes for a minute. Picture the scene. You’ve picked the match of your choice, the superclássico, you’ve clicked on the book now button, and you’re in, that’s it, the trip of a lifetime is happening, you’ll be in the Buenos Aires Bombonera soon watching the fireworks, feeling the passion, embracing the roar. It’s no longer a dream. It’s happening.

This is Looking FC, this is Eric Cantona, this is proper football. There is no more authentic way to experience football today.

So wait no longer. Pick your game, pick your city and book now.

The journey has only just begun.

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